Subscription renewal

It’s easy!

When the subscription expires

Before the subscription expires, you will receive a notification on your email about the imminent expiration of the subscription for the GPS tracking device.


You can renew your subscription by selecting the GPS device for which you want to renew your subscription within your account, or by selecting a subscription on the subscription price page and selecting the GPS device to which you want to associate the subscription.

Multiple or before the expiration

If you purchase multiple subscriptions on a single GPS tracking device, the subscriptions will add up.

If you purchase a new subscription before your existing subscriptions expire, the new subscription will be added to your existing subscriptions.

When will the subscription on GPS tracking devices be turned off?

The subscription to the GPS tracking device will expire if it is not renewed after expiration. Subscription expiration is the end date until which the subscription is valid.

The actual unsubscription will be within 48 hours after the subscription expiration date if the subscription is not renewed before that.

What does the subscription contain?

The subscription contains a license for access to GPS tracking software at the link and data traffic for access to mobile networks in the EU.

User account within GPS tracking software 

An account within the tracking software will be suspended, i.e. access will be disabled when 90 days have elapsed, counting from the expiration date of the last subscription on that user account, if the subscription is not renewed in default renew periods.

You can contact us for more information about the subscription and the terms of the subscription