Here you can find answers to most common questions.

How to start?

First of all, you need a GPS tracking device. You can buy a GPS tracking device in our Shop.
Once you have purchased a GPS tracking device, select a subscription for GPS tracking software.
When buying, pay attention to GPS devices that already have a subscription included in the price.

Is it possible to buy a subscription for a GPS device that was not bought in the shop?

Subscription can be leased only for GPS devices purchased in the Shop-in. Subscriptions will not be available for all other devices.

How to renew a subscription?

Before the subscription expires, you will be notified of the email address you provided when opening your account within the Shop.
You can renew your subscription through your Shop account by selecting the desired GPS device for which you are renewing your subscription and going for payment.
The subscription will be activated automatically.

The complexity of installing a GPS device?

Gps devices are marked with stickers according to the complexity of the installation:

  • Plug And Play – this means that the installation of a GPS device is simple and can be done by anyone by plugging the GPS device into a connector on a vehicle or object.
  • Self-installation – this means that the device needs to be installed.

Ways in which GPS devices can be installed?

  1. Independently with the installation instructions that came with the purchase of the GPS device
  2. Have any car electrician show you the installation instructions that came with your purchase.

In what geographical area will the service operate?

Positioning will work in the area covered by data traffic. The service covers the territory of the European Union, Switzerland, and the EEA countries.?

Is SIM data card rental included in the subscription?

Yes. Each bought a GPS unit in it has a SIM data card.

How many GPS devices and subscriptions can be purchased?

You can have “N” GPS devices and “N” subscriptions per user account. All devices are in your account within the GPS tracking software.
There will be active and inactive GPS devices in your account.

Can more than one subscription be purchased for one GPS device?

You can purchase more than one subscription per GPS device, the duration of the second subscription will be added to the duration of the first subscription.

IMEI number on the GPS device

The IMEI number on the GPS device is used to activate the device. When re-subscribing to a GPS device, see which IME and number the subscription refers to. The IMEI number serves as your identification in the system.

How to find out the IMEI number?

You can find out the IMEI number in the following ways:

  • On the webshop page – My Account,
  • On the user account of the Gps Tracking Platform monitoring software,
  • There is a sticker with your IMEI number on the GPS device itself.

Where to download mobile apps?

Mobile apps can be downloaded from app stores. Choose the store regarding your device OS.


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