GPS tracking for bicycles

Best way to protect your bike from theft and have a complete history of activity.

What can you track?

Gps Tracking Shop has solutions for tracking all types of bikes.

Road bikes

Touring bikes

Mountain bikes

City bikes

For private users and rental companies

From anti-theft solutions for private users to more advanced solutions for business users.

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GPS tracking device for bikes tracking

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Subscriptions pricing for Bikes tracking

Subscriptions fees are for the use of the GPS tracking platform.

Subscriptions include:
1. Access to the GPS tracking platform software
2. Data traffic for EU
3. Support

Plug and play GPS hardware installation

GPS bike tracking hardware is Plug and Play installation hardware, you don’t need to have any additional knowledge to install hardware.

You can install the hardware completely on your own.

GPS Tracking Platform for Bikes

GPS tracking software with solutions for Bikes tracking.

Easy to use
Email alarms
Altitude and speed
Virtual zones and places

Expense tracking
Tracking history
Crash detection
Emergency alarm
Fall detection

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