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Connect all your vehicles online easily. An effective solution for GPS tracking with self-installation of GPS Tracker or with Plug and Play installation.

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GPS Tracking Shop has solutions for tracking various types of vehicles, with internal and external power supply.







For private vehicles and for company vehicles.

 From simple Plug and Play GPS tracking devices to more advanced GPS tracking devices that support sensors and telemetry.

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Subscriptions pricing for Vehicle tracking

Subscriptions fees are for the use of the GPS tracking platform.

Subscriptions include:
1. Access to the GPS tracking platform software (
2. Data traffic for EU
3. Support

Plug and play vs. Self-installation

All GPS tracking devices contain information about the type of installation in the description. The type of installation is a very important item to pay attention to before buying a GPS tracking device.


  • Large selection of accessories
  • Digital inputs
  • Digital outputs
  • Analog inputs
  • Bluetooth sensors
  • 1 wire data input
  • 1 wire power input
  • The complexity of the installation depends on the use of specific accessories and the vehicle on which the device will be installed.

Plug And Play installation

  • Easy installation
  • A very small selection of accessories
  • Bluetooth sensors
  • There are no digital inputs and outputs
  • No 1 wire data and 1 wire power inputs
  • It can be moved in another vehicle very easily
  • Device unplug alarm
  • Crash detection
  • Possibility of CAN data reading

GPS Tracking Platform

GPS tracking software where you will enjoy in best tracking experience.

Easy to use
Cross-Platform mobile apps
Email alarms
POI and zones
Virtual zones and places
Driver logbook

Remote object control
Tracking history
Sensors data
Telemetry data
Detailed positioning

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