Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1 Basic information

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA, Agreement”) contains the terms of the agreed service level between ALFA LOGISTIKA Ltd., VAT ID 02706843298, (“AL, Supplier”) and any company, organization, institution or legal entity (“User, Client”) that uses AL Service of Gps Tracking Shop.

2 Goals and objectives

The purpose of this Agreement is to provide the appropriate elements of services and obligations between the parties arising from this agreement, all to provide consistent support and provision of IT services to customers by suppliers.

The goal of this agreement is to reach a clear agreement on how to provide IT support services to customer suppliers

The objectives of this agreement are:

  • Establishing clear conditions between the contracting parties at the level of customer support service included in relation to the contracted one.
  • Separation of customer support services from basic IT services
  • Defining the manner of providing customer support services
  • To harmonize the perception of the expected way of providing customer support services with the agreed way of providing customer support from the supplier

3 Service

This Agreement applies to services provided through the customer service of the supplier and relates to resolving the customer’s problems during the use of the supplier’s services.

3.1 Scope of customer support services

Customer support services include:

  • Telephone support,
  • Email support,
  • Remote support,
  • Field support,
  • Emergency support.

3.1.1 Telephone support

It includes receiving inquiries over the phone, as well as complete communication around troubleshooting.

3.1.2 Email support

It includes receiving inquiries via email, as well as complete communication around troubleshooting.

3.1.3 Remote support

Includes support via remote systems or remote access to a computer.

3.1.4 Field support

Includes support outside the customer’s premises or the customer’s service locations.

3.1.5 Emergency support

Includes emergency, priority support in the shortest possible time.

3.2 The obligation of the client

The obligations of the client when using customer support services are:

  • Settle all receivables on time,
  • Respect the agreed service level (SLA),
  • Ensure availability,
  • Takes into account the working hours of the supplier.

3.3 Availability of customer support service

The working hours in which the supplier’s customer support services can be used are:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00.

It is not possible to use the supplier’s customer support services on weekends and holidays unless otherwise agreed.

Phone support:

Telephone support services are available during the supplier’s business hours, all calls made outside business hours will not be collected and processed.

Email support:

Email support service is available during the supplier’s working hours, all emails sent outside working hours will be collected and forwarded for processing on the first following working day.

4 Segments and service levels

4.1 Service segments

The customer support service segments defined by this SLA are:

  • Response time,
  • Availability days,
  • Availability time
  • Priority,
  • Method of receiving inquiries.

4.1.1 Response time

This is the time at which the supplier will respond to the customer’s inquiry and initiate the troubleshooting process.

4.1.2 Availability days

These are the days of the week when the supplier will be available to receive customer inquiries.

4.1.3 Availability time

This is the daily working time in which the supplier will be available to the client to receive inquiries and troubleshoot problems.

4.1.4 Priority

This is the order in which the supplier will start solving inquiries/problems in relation to other customers.

4.1.5 Method of receiving inquiries

This is how it is agreed to receive inquiries. It can be:

  1. Email support
  2. Telephone support

4.2 Service Level (SLA)

There are three possible service levels. Service level levels are indicated by ordinal numbers or symbols (asterisks):

1 – where number one is the lowest service level,

2 – where the number two represents the middle service level (an asterisk),

3 – Number 3 stands for the highest level of service (two stars).

4.2.1 Service level 1

Service Level 1 (SLA1) includes:

  • email support,
  • Response time up to 48 hours,
  • -Priority 3,
  • remote assistance.

4.2.2 Service Level 2 (one star)

Service Level 2 (SLA2) includes:

  • email support,
  • Response time up to 24 hours,
  • Priority 2,
  • remote assistance.

4.2.3 Service level 3 (two stars)

Service Level 3 (SLA3) includes:

  • telephone support
  • Response time up to 8 hours,
  • remote-controlled assistance,
  • Priority 1,
  • Field interventions.

4.2.4 Agreed service level (SLA) for customers

The agreed service level (SLA) for customers at is service level 1.

5 Other provisions

This Service Level Agreement applies from 1.11.2020.

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