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How to buy and activate GPS tracking solutions?

Follow these three easy steps!

Get a GPS tracker

Select the GPS tracker device type that best meets your needs for GPS monitoring.

Choose subscription plan

Select the desired subscription and activate the GPS tracking device


 Start tracking via the web or mobile app with included data traffic for the EU.

Why use GPS tracking?

With a GPS tracking solution, you can have a 24/7 overview of your tracking object and achieve an enviable level of control.

Control can improve the level of safety and in some cases reduce the cost of using the facility and have mapped all information when using the facility.

If you need more informations about GPS tracking solutions!

Best features

Real time GPS tracking

Get the GPS location of your facility in real-time.

Varoius tracking devices

Choose from the offer the best device that suits your needs.

Loogbook and history

All tracking history, available whenever you need information.

European GPS hardware

All tracking devices are produced in the European Union.

Data traffic is included

All subscriptions include unlimited data traffic for the EU.

Free mobile apps

Tracking apps on mobile platforms with great features.

Sensors for GPS tracking

Add a sensor for temperature, doors, driver registration, etc.

Larger fleets

Easily manage larger fleets of vehicles.


More security


More profit


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Usage scenarious

Gps Tracking Shop provides solutions that can be used by both private and business users.

Private users

Vehicle protection
Bicycle protection
Motorcycle protection
Ship protection
Asset protection
Protection of young drivers


Business users

Fleet rental companies
Bicycle rental
Motorcycle rental
Lone workers safety
Field services

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Remote control


Virtual fences


Driver log


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